ANAB Accreditation for Medical Marijuana Testing Labs


As the number of states that have legalized medical marijuana has grown, so too has the number of medical marijuana testing laboratories. Policies surrounding these labs are also evolving, as some states and localities have implemented specific mandates for testing protocols.

Earlier this month, the city of Santa Rosa, CA, declared that medical marijuana testing laboratories can legally be located in certain areas of the city. And just last month, Oregon announced a policy shift that regulates marijuana testing labs more heavily and requires a more thorough battery of cannabis tests for factors such as potency, pesticides, and biological contaminants. The Puyallup Tribe of Indians opened a marijuana testing laboratory in Fife, WA, earlier this year after signing a deal with the governor and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Given this fast-changing industry and regulatory environment, demand for testing is growing. That’s why ANAB accreditation for medical marijuana testing laboratories is so important. ANAB provides ISO 17025 Lab Accreditation and can accredit your lab to meet regulatory and state specific requirements.

The benefits of ANAB accreditation for medical marijuana testing laboratories include:

Global recognition

ISO 17025 lab accreditation is the single most important program for calibration and testing laboratories globally. Attaining accreditation signifies that your lab meets international standards and is technically competent and able to produce precise and accurate data.

Consistent operations

Meeting ISO 17025 lab accreditation standards provides assurance that your lab operations are correct, consistent, and efficient.

Competitive advantage

For suppliers seeking competent testing facilities, ISO 17025 lab accreditation offers needed assurance, making your lab a more attractive option than unaccredited competitors.