Benefits of the DoD ELAP


Accreditation is an indication that a laboratory has the technical competence to perform specific tasks, such as testing, measurement, and calibration. Accreditation can be attained through an accreditation body and is sometimes recognized by government agencies. The Department of Defense Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (DoD ELAP) is essential for laboratories testing for DoD environmental restoration programs.

Since October 1, 2009, laboratories have been required to meet the requirements of the DoD ELAP Quality Systems Manuel for Environmental Laboratories to complete this testing. The manual is based on ISO 17025, National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference, and DoD requirements. Accredited laboratories must be re-evaluated by the accreditation body periodically to ensure they are maintaining their standards of operation and compliance with requirements.

 Consider these benefits of DoD ELAP accreditation:

  1. Signifies technical competence – Accreditation indicates your laboratory has the technical competence to perform certain tasks. Accreditation sets you apart from other laboratories and allows you to perform jobs others are not qualified to perform.
  2. Provides a benchmark for performance – DoD ELAP accreditation provides laboratories with a benchmark for performance. The program helps the laboratory ensure it is executing its tasks correctly and meeting appropriate standards while also providing a benchmark for continued competence.
  3. Increases the visibility of your laboratory – Many accreditation bodies publish a directory of accredited laboratories. Typically, the directory contains the laboratory's contact information and important details about its testing capabilities. This helps promote the laboratory's accredited services to prospective clients.

If your laboratory wants to become an accredited DoD Environmental Laboratory, consider ANAB accreditation for DoD ELAP. As an ILAC-recognized accreditation body, ANAB provides accreditation for environmental labs seeking to perform testing in support of DoD environmental restoration programs. Visit ANAB online to learn more about our program.