Three Things You Need To Know About ISO 17025 Accreditation


When someone mentions ISO 17025 accreditation, what do you think of? Do safety, quality, and reliability come to mind? If you’re thinking about getting your lab ISO 17021 accredited, you need to think like a consumer because consumers are searching for competent organizations that can provide them with consistent operations and reliable results. Think of it like this: A consumer is more likely to buy a car that has won a safety award over a vehicle that does not. Why not apply the same principle to your laboratory?

ISO 17025 accreditation can make your laboratory more appealing to those seeking a competent testing facility. Here are the three things you need to know about 17025 lab accreditation:

Enhanced Marketing Efforts

Regardless of the field of work in which your lab engages, you no doubt seek to produce quality work, discover new things, and, ultimately, make a decent living. That means you need some marketing skills and tactics to attract customers to use your services. When your lab achieves ISO 17025 accreditation, it immediately stands out, and you can use that to your advantage. You’ll have something that not many have: an accredited lab committed to producing high quality results! This bonus can improve your marketability because it differentiates your lab in a very positive way.

Improved Quality

Attaining ISO 17025 accreditation is not necessarily easy because the standard was created to ensure high levels of quality and consistency. Your lab needs to meet rigorous requirements to become accredited, which means you may need to improve some of your lab practices. If this is the case, the improvements required for your overall operations and lab practices o meet advanced standards of excellence will result in higher quality work. Making needed improvements to attain accreditation can allow you to become a trusted source of lab operations.

Increased Workflow

Because 17025 accreditation is globally recognized, you may gain new work requests. Many companies will accept bids only from laboratories that are accredited, and they may be willing to pay more because they know they’ll receive quality work. Some companies can only request work from accredited labs, so if you're among that exclusive pool of providers, you can gain an edge.

Now that you know becoming ISO 17025 accredited can increase your lab’s competitiveness, marketability, and bottom line, are you ready to reach a higher standard?