ANAB Guidance for ISO/IEC 17025

GD 2700, Guidance on Reporting Uncertainty of Measurement for Calibration Laboratories

Provides guidance on uncertainty requirements for ANAB-accredited laboratories that perform calibrations.

GD 2701, Guidance on Corrective Action and Cause Analysis

Establishes guidelines, clarifications, and recommendations for specific ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, and specific policies and instructions as defined by ANAB.

GD 2701.01, Guidance on Corrective Action and Cause Analysis (presentation)

GD 2702, Guidance on Interpolation and Extrapolation of Calibration Data

Provides guidance on interpolation and extrapolation of calibration data as related to calculating measurement uncertainties and the expression of those uncertainties on the customer’s scope of accreditation and any accredited calibration or testing reports.

GD 2702.01, Guidance on Interpolation and Extrapolation of Calibration Data (presentation)

GD 2703, Guidance on Purchasing and Evaluation Calibrations

Provides general accreditation guidance for accredited customers to purchase calibrations that are fit for their intended purpose.

Guidance on Proficiency Testing/Inter-laboratory Comparisons

Intended to give ANAB customers, assessors, and experts the necessary understanding of proficiency testing/inter-laboratory comparisons to achieve and/or maintain accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025.

Guidance on Metrological Traceability

Guidance on traceability requirements for ANAB-accredited labs, which are required to demonstrate traceability for their reference standards and reference materials (in most cases includes measurement uncertainty).

Guidance on Uncertainty for Testing Laboratories

Testing laboratories are required to demonstrate traceability and measurement uncertainty as defined in this document.

Guidance on Measurement Uncertainty for Hand Tools, Hand Gages, and Scales/Balances Using a Modified NRC Uncertainty

Provides examples of uncertainty budgets for hand tools, hand gages, and scales and balances to help provide a better understanding of preparing an uncertainty budget. Not intended to encompass all the statistical treatments required for many uncertainty determinations. Designed to assist calculations in many of the simplest situations, not requiring statistical use of degrees of freedom for example.

Guidance on Statements of Compliance on Calibration Certificates

To assist calibration laboratories in determining and reporting customer-requested compliance to specifications on accredited calibration certificates. Also provides guidance to assessors in evaluating the appropriateness of reported statements of compliance by accredited and applicant labs.

Guidance on Use of the ANAB Accreditation Symbol and ILAC Laboratory Combined MRA Mark

ANAB issues symbols specific to each accreditation program to accredited organizations to indicate their accredited status. Only ANAB-accredited organizations are authorized to use these symbols.

Guidance for Classification and Assessment of Multi-site Laboratories

ISO/IEC 17025 applies to laboratories that perform tests and/or calibrations in the main lab and at other locations. In this document, the term on-site refers to tests and/or calibrations performed at the accredited organization or a third-party location.

Guidance on Surveillance and Reassessments

Establishes guidance on surveillance and reassessment activities and applies to all accredited and applicant laboratories.