Greenaway Named to Quality Committee for Forensics

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has appointed Keith Greenaway to serve on the Quality Infrastructure Committee of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees. Greenaway is ANAB's COO. The committee will hold its first meeting in August 2014.

NIST is working with the forensic science community to establish the new Organization for Scientific Area Committees to coordinate development of standards and guidelines for forensic science practitioners and improve forensic science in the United States. The organization is part of NIST's commitment to support forensic science through an initiative launched in partnership with the Department of Justice in February 2013.

"The work of the Quality Infrastructure Committee will help provide a framework to improve quality and consistency in forensic science," Greenaway said. "The forensic science community needs the strong foundation of consensus standards, oversight, and guidelines."

Quality Infrastructure Committee members include accreditation and certification specialists, quality system managers, forensic science practitioners, forensic science laboratory directors and NIST standards experts.

Among its responsibilities, the committee will assemble and update the Forensic Science Code of Practice, defining minimum requirements for standards used in providing forensic science services; accreditation of suppliers of forensic science services; competencies of practitioners; processes and procedures for validating and improving new technologies and applications; performance standards for tools and instruments; and requirements for reporting and expert testimony.

Information about the roles and responsibilities of the Quality Infrastructure Committee members can be found online.