New Requirements for DoD ELAP

The DoD Environmental Data Quality Workgroup (EDQW) has imposed additional requirements on accreditation bodies (ABs) participating in the DoD Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). ANAB is implementing these requirements as outlined below.

All ANAB-accredited DoD ELAP laboratories are to report and submit to ANAB as soon as practical corrective action for any instances of inappropriate and prohibited laboratory practices (as detailed in section 5.2.7 of QSM version 5.0) discovered during any internal or external assessment or investigation. ANAB is responsible for informing the EDQW of the laboratory’s deviation from QSM requirements.

According to QSM 5.0 the following practices (in addition to TNI 5.2.7) are prohibited:

  • Fabrication, falsification, or misrepresentation of data
  • Improper clock setting (time traveling) or improper date/time recording
  • Unwarranted manipulation of samples, software, or analytical conditions
  • Misrepresenting or misreporting QC samples
  • Improper calibrations
  • Concealing a known analytical or sample problem
  • Concealing a known improper or unethical behavior or action
  • Failing to report the occurrence of a prohibited practice or known improper or unethical act to the appropriate laboratory or contract representative, or to an appropriate government official

The ANAB assessment checklist for QSM 5.0 also addresses the data integrity consideration of this requirement under clause M2: 4.16. The new EDQW language uses the broader “inappropriate and prohibited laboratory practices.” Effective immediately, ANAB is following this broader requirement and the process EDQW outlines.

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