ACLASS-FQS Sign APLAC MRA for Proficiency Testing

Left to right, Roger Muse, Keith Greenaway, and Dr. Bill Hirt attended the signing of the APLAC MRA for proficiency testing in conjunction with the 20th APLAC General Assembly in Guadalajara, Mexico.

ACLASS and FQS have signed the Asia-Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) for proficiency testing. The signing ceremony took place in conjunction with the 20th APLAC General Assembly and Technical Meetings held in Guadalajara, Mexico. ACLASS and FQS are among eight initial signatories of the MRA for proficiency testing.

APLAC, the regional cooperation of bodies that recognize laboratories, inspection bodies, and reference material producers - and now proficiency testing providers, promotes international acceptance of endorsed test, calibration, inspection, and proficiency test reports and other documents issued by organizations accredited by APLAC MRA signatories.

In addition to being approved to sign the MRA for proficiency testing, ACLASS and FQS are MRA signatories for calibration and testing, inspection, and reference material producers.

"Becoming an APLAC MRA signatory for proficiency testing indicates ACLASS and FQS comply with ISO/IEC 17011, and the organizations ACLASS and FQS have accredited are in compliance with ISO/IEC 17043," Keith Greenaway, ACLASS and FQS Vice President, said. "The APLAC MRA harmonizes accreditation practices around the world to allow global recognition of the competence of proficiency test providers."

Approval to sign the APLAC MRAs is granted only after a rigorous peer evaluation, during which the evaluators conduct an in-depth examination of organizational processes and documentation. Peer evaluators also witness the accreditation body's personnel as they conduct assessments of facilities seeking accreditation to confirm that they operate according to the requirements of international standards.