News from CASCO ISO/Working Groups

The Committee Draft (CD) ballot of the revision of ISO/IEC 17011 closes in October and WG 42 will meet in December to review comments and move the document to the next stage. 

The DIS ballot for ISO/DIS 17034, which sets requirements for competence of reference material producers, opens October 22 for a three-month period. JWG 43 will meet in April 2016 to address DIS comments and further progress the document.

WG 45’s first meeting is October 12-14 to start development of a new Technical Report (TR) providing an example of a certification scheme for services.

At the last CASCO/CPC meeting, members agreed to set up a working group to clarify the meaning of terms “validation and verification” in the conformity assessment context and to formulate a recommendation to the CPC on the need to develop a generic CASCO document to cover those two activities. WG 46, established to carry out the research, will hold its first meeting in November.