EPA Clarifies Requirements for Energy Star Labs

Are laboratory test reports used for Energy Star certification required to identify the accreditation body that accredited the laboratory?

The answer is yes.

EPA's requirements for third-party laboratories specify that these laboratories must be accredited by an EPA-recognized accreditation body. For test reports from a laboratory to be used for Energy Star certification, the testing must be conducted under the scope of that accreditation. To ensure that this is the case, test reports must identify the accreditation body that assessed the laboratory by including the accreditation body's logo, official mark, symbol, or other textual reference.

Certification bodies reviewing test reports should check that the logo, official mark, or textual reference of the accreditation body is present and flag for EPA any test reports that appear to be fraudulent or produced outside of a lab's accreditation. Please keep in mind that while the official mark of the laboratory's accreditation body must appear on the test report, EPA-recognized laboratories are prohibited from using the Energy Star mark on the test report or any other materials per Directive 2011.01.