ANAB Employee Promotions

ANAB's Erica Collins and Donna Reinke have been promoted to Customer Support Supervisor, reporting to Management Systems Group Leader Sarah Franckowiak. Their new role is to direct the daily operations of ANAB's Client Coordinators and manage the assessment process. They work closely with the Directors and Program Managers, providing updates on key metrics. 

Collins joined ACLASS in 2005 and has been with ANAB since ACLASS was acquired in 2007. She too was most recently Lead Client Coordinator, serving as the primary contact for client coordinators in the Virginia office.

Reinke has been with the company since 1998 and has been a management system coordinator since 2000. She was most recently Lead Client Coordinator and was the primary contact for the client coordinators in the Milwaukee office.

Collins and Reinke took on added responsibilities during the vacancy of the Management Systems Group Leader position prior to October 2014. Collins was involved in keeping the EQM system running and training new customers and assessors on its use. Reinke took on a larger role in managing the daily operations, metrics, and schedules.

Both have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities and are valued members of the ANAB team. Their contact information is unchanged.