Feedback on ANAB BERM Presentation

An ANAB presentation Bill Koch at the 2015 Biological and Environmental Reference Materials (BERM) conference, an international meeting held every three years and featuring presentations by national metrology institutes, was well received.

Alan Nichols, the conference coordinator, invited ANAB to be a presenter at the conference, which was held in Maryland. Nichols, who is retiring from Sigma-Aldrich soon and hopes to devote much of his time as assessor, instructor, and program developer for ANAB, especially in the RMP, environmental, and statistical arenas. He is well aware of ANAB accreditation program for reference material producers because two of the Sigma-Aldrich facilities where he has worked have multiple ILAC-based ANAB accreditations.

Koch, a long-time scientist and author at NIST and U.S. Pharmacopeia, now doing RMP assessments for ANAB, stepped in at the last minute to present for ANAB when Matt Sica found he wouldn’t be able to attend.

Koch spoke on “Controversial Issues with RMP Accreditations.” The intent was to open the eyes of conference attendees to many overlooked, underused, and possibly misunderstood issues that need focus and attention to help build robust accreditations.

At ANAB’s January professional development session for accreditation assessors, Nichols and Sica reported Koch’s talk was well received by the conference participants. They appreciated the fresh take at non-technical, elephant-in-the-room issues.

“We are convinced it will lead to extremely healthy discussions in the RMP arena and very likely many additional applications for RMP accreditations,” ANAB Director of Accreditation Bill Hirt said. “As in many sectors of the technical community, there is a struggle for industry and regulators to understand and promote accreditation to international standards.”