ANAB Provides FBI QAS Audits

ANAB offers FBI QAS DNA audits. FQS is recognized by the National Institute of Justice as a provider of the QAS audits and has a formal recognition agreement with the FBI regarding the use of the FBI Director's audit documents and the provision of training for DNA assessors. ANAB is recognized by the NDIS Procedures Board as meeting the requirements to accredit laboratories participating in NDIS or seeking to participate in NDIS. If you're in need of an FBI QAS audit, for more information, contact Pat Bencivenga, 414-501-5371.

We look forward to servicing all your accreditation needs.

SWGDAM QAS Clarification Document

Agreement between ANAB* and the FBI

Regarding Use of the FBI Director's Audit Documents and the Provision of Training for DNA Assessors

*Note: The agreement indicates Forensic Quality Services, Inc. (FQS), which was acquired by ANAB in 2011.